I’m sorry for the lack of real post - it was a busy week, and a somewhat busy month lies ahead - I’m attending a local game conference in May and giving a speech about the process of porting our rendering subsystem to SPU (I hope to cover this topic here some day), so some time is spent preparing slides/etc.; my pet projects demand more attention than usual; there’s some weird but nevertheless interesting stuff at work… I’ll try to keep up, but you should really expect some more weeks without any posts. Don’t beat me.

Anyway, a bunch of slides from GDC09 Tutorial sessions are finally uploaded; there is some good stuff in “Advanced Visual Effects with Direct3D”, and there’s some awesome stuff in “Insomniac Games’ Secrets of Console and Playstation 3 Programming”. I mean, finally someone told people who compute view-space normal Z as $sqrt(1 - x^2 - y^2)$ that they don’t know what they’re doing! Not to mention SPU stuff, like KISS SPU scheduler (we have a simple enough custom scheduler at work, but it’s still far), SPU debugging stories and other SPU talks. By the way, if you’re interested in SPU-related topics and have not read everything here, then you don’t take SPU seriously.

There are also Khronos’ slides here - don’t read them unless you have absolutely nothing to do.