Reset and reload

Long time no see, everyone.

First of all, the blog has been moved. The new blog address is, and the new feed address is Please, update your bookmarks!

In addition to changing the address, I’ve changed the blogging platform - this blog is now powered by WordPress, which at first impression is superior to Blogger in many ways - built-in code highlighter, built-in ‘read more’ support, image storage, slightly better html generation (i.e. it does not screw my posts up as often as Blogger did), better themes, non-anonymous comments without Google account, etc. I bet there are some downsides, but anyway I hope it will be a better experience (and will motivate me to write more posts, of course).

All old posts are imported from Blogger along with the comments; their contents is left as is, apart from minor cleanup and link cross-reference.

Previously most of my posts were of considerable length; I’ve even got as far as stuffing several completely different notes in a single post. The format is going to change slightly - there are going to be small notes as well as normal sized posts. Also probably the amount of non-graphics related posts is going to increase; still, I’ll try to keep the content mostly relevant to game development.