Moving on

The day has come - I’ve left CREAT Studios and started working at Saber Interactive as a PS3 (well, that was obvious) programmer (well, that was obvious too).

I worked at CREAT for three years and a half; I’ve enjoyed it immensely - I had the privilege of working with some smart people, together we built an engine for next generation (then) consoles, and I’m quite proud of the results. During these years I’ve helped ship a lot of PS3 projects - though none of them were AAA (what does AAA mean anyway?), all of them are good games and some have interesting tech inside. On my last day I got into a TerRover match with my colleagues and only came to at 10 PM - it was that much fun.

You should not have a favourite weapon. To become over-familiar with one weapon is as much a fault as not knowing it sufficiently well.

Still there was a brave new world out there - I wanted to work on projects of larger scale, I wanted to see what other companies look like and to delve into unknown technology to further enhance my understanding of game development - and here I am. Count me excited!